About Louisville Farm Tables


Clinton Hall has been a builder of furniture and memories for many years.  He began his art in high school building dog ramps with his dad in their basement and honed his art on custom furniture for his now, wife, Amy.  After featuring pieces of furniture on Facebook and Instagram, friends, family and local contacts began ordering custom furniture.  In 2018, Clinton met Brent Jordan who originally started the concept of the farm table rental business.  Bringing both sides of the business together, Clinton purchased the rental company and operates the business with both custom furniture design and farm tables for event rental.  

Our focus as a company continues to be on designing quality, made-to-order, furniture that will last for generations. We desire to create quality furniture that is not only visually attractive but also aids in making your house a home.

Our products are custom-built to your specifications.  We meticulously hand select each piece of wood, taking care to pay attention to the smallest of details. If it is not good enough for our home then it is not good enough for yours.   

As a company we highly value family and community. What makes our job worthwhile is knowing that our products are a real centerpiece in the home. A place for friends and family to gather, eat a meal and just do life together. 

We would love to build your family table!

       About The Owner

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Clinton Hall

Clinton is a Frankfort KY native who has a love for Faith, Family and Friends.  His spare time is spent playing with his two kids- Caroline and Landon, or out on the mower on the family farm in Fisherville, KY.