A case of the hiccups

First, we just want to say thank you to all who have responded in some way, shape, or form about the launch of our new website. Your responses have been so encouraging and we are incredibly grateful!

With any site launch, there is the possibility for a few hiccups despite all the testing that takes place. And we experienced a case of the hiccups. So, if you happened to email us on our new email address (info@louisvillefarmtables.com), unfortunately we didn't receive it and it is lost somewhere in cyberspace, or on some far off planet. Our mommas taught us better manners than to ignore mail so please accept our sincere apologies if you sent us a message and haven't received a response. That being said, please contact us again now that we've got everything working properly.

On another note.... can you believe Thanksgiving is less than 1 week away? It feels like time has flown by! Will you be celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family around a Louisville Farm Table? We sure hope so and if not you can always get one for the Christmas season!