Perfect Winter Cocktail

We do not know how it is in the rest of the country is but here in the boarder land between north and south it has been a good taste of what grandpa would call "normal school walking weather" with a cold to match Luke Skywalker's time with the wampa. Chilly times like this give us a unique opportunity to gather around the table after a full day of sledding and enjoy the laughter of friends and family, transporting us to a time when we crossed our fingers and prayed for the magical announcement of a snow day. 

As we found ourselves on the set of Frozen we called upon the expertise of our local alchemist, Eron Plevan in hopes of creating a winter concoction to shake the frost from the bones and ward off a case of the shivers. Now... like any bit of magic, Kentucky Straight Bourbon can go a long way to rid you of the chills and raise the spirits but it can also so have dreaded consequences so don't go getting out of hand and do a two step on your dinning room table. Now we can't say we didn't warn you, anyhow we wanted to share with you how to make the perfect winter cocktail. Here it is...

STEP 1:  You will need to make yourself a honey syrup using 2 cups of honey, 1 cup of water, 1 cup ginger and a bit of rosemary. 





STEP 2: Now that you have your homemade honey syrup. It's time to get the rest of your ingratiates and get started.

Now the fun part, time to mix! You'll need 1 ounce Old Forester Signature, 1/2 ounce of your honey syrup, 2-3 dashes of Angostura Bitters, 1/4 ounce of Campari and then float with Korbel Brut. YUM.

STEP 3: Now for the final touch! Add your garnish, a Maker's Mark or similar bourbon cherry and an orange peal with rosemary. To add a nice bit of citrus aroma swath the orange peal over the glass. 

STEP 4: Gather your friends and family and enjoy your winter concoction around the table. 

Also, feel free to try it on the rocks!

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your snow day responsibly!